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Friday, 21 September 2012

humorous dialogues

Humorous dialogues 

BOY 1 : My father is a brave man 

BOY 2 : How?

BOY 1 : My father has hunted many wild animals like Tiger,Elephant,Lion, even dinosaur.

BOY 2 : Hey, do not make silly jokes, there is no dinosaur exist now.

BOY 1 : That's what i told you my father has hunted it.

John : Sara, i need a bread and boiled eggs.

Sara : OK i'll make it ready for you.( John went out to buy some eggs and bread)

John : Hey, Sara what you are doing.

Sara : i am boiling the eggs for.(she was boiling, eggs in the home)

Sara : You are boiling the hell wrong Eggs.


MAN 1 : Hey, you wore different shoes, one is black and the other is brown.

MAN 2 : That's what i am also confused, i have one more same pair in my home.

Father    : Teacher, i am very concerned much about my son's scores of single digits.

Teacher : Don't worry sir in next test he will score 80 % marks.

Son        : No sir, i will score 100% 

Teacher : Hey, Don't make fun out of this.

Son         : sorry sir, you only first made the fun.

Son said the father," Dad i act in a recent film which is a hit in box office, you must see the film please".

Father said that he will definitely see the movie and on the first day father watched the film and cannot find his son and on second day also he cannot find his son in the movie then father asked the son, my son i watched the  movie twice but i cannot find you in the movie.son replied dad, i had a terrorist role in the movie so i will be in anonymity for  the whole movie.

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