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Sunday, 23 September 2012


 Well, in this competitive world everyone wants to be superior to someone who rivals him or her. To be superior to someone, the willing one must be equal or more than the opponent in knowledge. Being a student you need to be very keen to gain some knowledge.
While learning or studying something we should spend more time on the subject of the matter then only we can learn the thing you intended to. Let say, if we are studying about an event of past history we will have more number of related things but we cannot spend more time on those matters.  It’s true that we have to be aware of those things, but you cannot move away from core of the subject. For a reference we can have hurried look on the brief of those related things and we can spend a minimum span of time as possible per explanation and the number of briefs the document contains and the amount of time we are going to spend on short brief is depends on annexed subjects, while the rest must be over the core subject.
Next, if we are coming through an articles or something sounds worth to learn.  We must not lie on single source and there must be an investigation on the matter. We should compare different sources and should take acceptable things. As there are lot of things available in the internet we cannot simply accept all matter spread over. Don’t think that all the matters available in the internet are true and also reversely all are false.
Good friends are big assets to us in learning something, Share the things with your friends about your interest.

 All of us will get confused with those things which counters our believes, but just opposite to our thinking this is the important thing which encourage us to think on both sides positive and negative side. If we don’t have the knowledge of its counterparts, certainly we cannot answer the queries in depth about the subject we learning. Every thing has its own antibody to keep that body acting. Like when our body is not affected by any disease then our body immune system would be in a lazy condition. Imagine, we do not experience friction which is a counterpart for a movement of an object then there will be no stability in this world. So learning the negative parts of the things would lead us to a path of success and also the progress.

1. When we start to learn something, do not forget to learn about counterparts.
2. Do not move away from core of the subject.
3. Discus with your friends what you are interested to learn.

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